Lower Back Pain – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Are you suffering from lower back pain?

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Lower back pain can become unbearable

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Have you ever suffered from pain in your lower back? For some the pain might be caused by a something serious, like a slipped disc (also known as prolapsed or herniated disc); while for others it’s just a temporary pain simply from sitting for prolonged periods of time or lifting more weight then humanly possible.

One way or the other, lower back pain is a much more complex health issue, causing hundreds of millions of people around the world to suffer on daily basis.

Lower Back Pain – Causes & Symptoms

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Lower back pain is most commonly felt in… You got it! – The lower back area but it can be experienced along the spine.

The lower back is the connection between the lower & the upper body. It bears the most of the body’s weight.
Pain in the lower back area can be caused by the irritation or the problem with the tendons & muscles, nerves, nerves’ roots, joints or the spinal discs.

Lower back pain can obviously range from a very sharp to a very dull. It can be felt in the localised spot or sharp and may
be felt from a localised spot or over abroad area.

When the pain felt in the lower back area has no exact cause, it is called a specific low back pain. It may suddenly occur after a strenuous activity that involves lifting due to an abrupt movement or gradually because of overuse as a result of repetitive movements.

It can also be due to improper posture over exertion and also due to ageing. A specific low back pain rarely radiates to the legs. Pain in the lower back may also originate from a damaged disc in the spine. A disc consists of a strong fibrous ring and a soft nucleus and functions as a shock absorber between two vertebral bodies of the spine.

Herniated disc causing your lower back pain

When a disc becomes damaged it may bulge or rupture. When soft tissue from the nucleus prolapses through the rupture it is called a disc herniation.

Herniated disks usually affect the lumbar spine, causing low back pain and radiating pain in one or two legs. When the herniated disc compresses the sciatic nerve the symptom experienced is called sciatica.

If the bulging disc is not compromising a nerve, back ache may be quite mild.

Sciatica causing your lower back pain

Sciatica is the term used to describe the symptoms associated with radiculopathy of the sciatic nerve.
Radiculopathy (also known as pinched nerve) as a condition where in a nerve root that links to a nerve, in this case the sciatic nerve is irritated, pressured or pinched. The symptoms of sciatica include: pain, tingling and numbness or weakness that radiates along the lower back to the buttocks down to the back of the leg. Even if nerve compression cannot be confirmed radiologically, we still talk about sciatica, due to the fact that pain radiates in the specific area of the sciatic nerve.

For more information about back pain it’s ALWAYS best to consult your GP (general practitioner).