5 Recommended Videos How to Stretch Your Lower Back

By | December 27, 2017

Learn how to how to stretch your lower back by watching these videos made by experts in their fields

Lower back pain stretches before it is too late

How to stretch your lower back: The ultimate archive of solutions to help with your lower back stifness & pain as recommended by professionals.

DISCLAIMER: Please be EXTRA careful doing the below stretches, as being inpatient and trying to reach certain spots of your back, can indeed make your lower (and back in general!) back much worse. Always consult a certified chiropractor or an osteopath before doing any excercies. You are following any of these lower back stretches & excercies at your own risk. Common sense & intuition are of paramount importance.

A handful of Excercies & Stretches for LOWER BACK STIFNESS by Fitness Blender folks

Whilist it’s imperative to stretch your back (in most cases…), please do not follow many of these ‘back stifness‘ excercies & stretches if you have ANY condition as I cannot say enough how important it is to the RIGHT movement specifically chosen for our back problems. The ultimate goal is to make the pain go away (even on temporary basis) NOT TO HARM YOURSELF!

In my humbe opininion, it’s important to stretch the tights not the lower back itself, therefore most recommended excercies should be done when LYING FLAT ON THE FLOOR with both shoulder blades touching the surface underneath. Touching your toes with tips of your fingers isn’t the best idea. TRUST ME.

Whilist a person without back pain can do most of the below back stretches with certain level of ‘ease’, if you suffer from a diagonosed back-related issues, these can seriously make the problem bigger than it is. Think before you act.

4 Best Lower Back Stretches to Help With Your Back Pain by ACTIV CHIROPRACTIC

I have myself tried these 4 lower back stretches and they do work for me personally – however, remember that we’re all different and obviously have different back issues. I have done them after each gym workout as it’s imperative to stretch yourself AFTER a workout

TIP:Do not stretch ‘cold’ muscles, like some people do BEFORE excercising at the gym as it’s counter productive!

ALWAYS be super extra careful not to ‘over-stretch’ your back. Start gently and move up with longer periods of stretches & longer range of movement. And to remember to breath.

PS. Check ActivChiropractic.com for more clips they’ve made!

Various Lower Back Stretches for Lower Back Pain as Shown by HASfit

Watch this clip showing full 20 minutes of lower back ‘rehab’ stretches that claim to release the pressure answers your ‘how to stretch your lowerback?’ puzzle. Always consult with a QUALIFIED chiropractor or an osteopathy practicioner before conducting any of these complex stretches.


How to Stretch Your Lower Back, Sciatica Pain Relief Stretches & Excercies by a Yoga Guru, David Wicker

David Wicker, founder of White Tiger Yoga (and in fact many other fitness/wellness programs) has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and it an expert in the field. Whilist these Hip & Back Pain Relief Excercies might work for some of you, please always use your COMMON SENSE at all times and do not rush into doing full range of motion without prior warmup.

Dr. Jose Guevara recomended excercies for sciatica nerve pain relief

Whilist similar to the above clip by David Wicker, Dr Guevara goes deeply into explaining the excercies in his foreword.He recommends these top three exercises and stretches for sciatic nerve pain.

It’s ALWAYS imperative to know what the causes your sciatica pain as the right treatment plan is always individually produced depending on reasons for your back pain.

Before you begin any of these back pain excercies/stretching programs, remember to see a professional that can help you find the causes of your back pain.

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